Correspondence with the Bush Administration

U.S. transfers 20 more prisoners to Afghan custody
February 10, 2008
Confusion Clouds Guantanamo Tribunals
Associated Press
February 6, 2008
France urges US to drop Guantanamo trial of Canadian
January 23, 2008
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Supreme Court Decisions
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Amicus Briefs
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Kuwaiti Detainees Editorial Archive
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Throughout the United States, and around the world, wide spread indignation continues to be voiced about the illegal detention of the Guantanamo prisoners.

It is now clear that to deny anyone a fair trial is to deny the American system itself.

Each new day brings fresh expressions of profound concern from world leaders and the world’s most respected humanitarians.

The voices of concern over the abrogation of American rights have been heard from all parts of America…and from all political persuasions.

These are just a few voices in the chorus of media voices concerned for the welfare of the Kuwaiti detainees, and for the integrity of the American system. Among others.

The Baltimore Sun editorial - The Wrong Track on Terror
January 25, 2008

Cox News Service editorial - Closing time - Guantanamo prison serves harm, not good
January 24, 2008

Kuwait News Agency editorial - Bush to "seriously" look into return of Kuwaitis in Gitmo - Kuwait FM
January 11, 2008

Muslim World News editorial - MP appeals to President Bush to release Kuwaiti detainees in Guantanamo
January 10, 2008

Reading Eagle editorial - Habeas corpus right is too often abused
January 09, 2008

Arab Times editorial - Letter to the Editor
November 29, 2006

The Roanoke Times (MCT) editorial - President Bush's Citizenship Exam: Immigrants Studying to Become Citizens Might Find That Theory About Rights isn't Always Put Into Practice.
November 26, 2006

Orlando Sentinel editorial - The Golden Rule of International Human Rights
November 22, 2006

The Washington Post editorial - Reform on Detentions; Democrats Will Now Have The Chance to Curtail The Bush Administration's Human Rights Abuses
November 19, 2006

Portland Press Herald - Legal Immigrants Can Now Be Legally Disappeared ; Why is President Bush so Frightened of The U.S. Legal System?
November 19, 2006

Newsday - Foreign Trial For Prisoner Abuse? Blame it on Washington 's Own Actions
November 15, 2006

The Oakland Tribune editorial - May Tuesday's Message Become a Good Lesson
November 12, 2006

The New York Times editorial - The Difference Two Years Made
November 5, 2006

Los Angeles Times editorial - Another Name For 'War'
November 2, 2006

The Miami Herald - Just Say No to Use of Torture; Our Opinion: U.S. Officials Should Declare Ban on `Water-Boarding'
October 30, 2006

The Wall Street Journal op ed - Detainees: We Must Protect the Innocent
October 24, 2006

The Wall Street Journal op ed - In Time of War, Some Detainees Must Be Held Indefinitely
October 16, 2006

The Wall Street Journal op ed - Produce the Body
October 7, 2006

The New York Times editorial - Bush, the Prisoners and Our Rights - Letters to the Editor
October 20, 2006 

The New York Times editorial - A Dangerous New Order
October 19, 2006

Rocky Mountain News editorial - Ready to be Freed, But Nowhere to Go ; U.S. Running Out of Options For Detainees
October 19, 2006

The New York Times editorial - Sami's Shame, And Ours
October 17, 2006

The New York Times editorial - Guilty Until Confirmed Guilty
October 15, 2006

The New York Times editorial - The Cost of Doing Your Duty
October 11, 2006

South Florida Sun-Sentinel editorial - Habeas Corpus Issue: A Fundamental Right Denied
October 9, 2006

The Economist editorial - Cold Comfort - Detainees
October 7, 2006

The Macon Telegraph (MCT) editorial - Bush Got What he Wanted From a Fleeing Congress
October 5, 2006

The Guardian editorial - My brother is Denied the Help of His Adopted Country: Britain Calls Guantanamo a 'Shocking Affront', But Refuses to Lift a Finger For This Country's Residents Held There Without Charge
October 5, 2006

International Herald Tribune editorial - Self-Inflicted Wounds May be the Worst of All Globalist
October 4, 2006

The Atlanta Journal - Constitution op ed - End Run Around Rights: Designation of 'Enemy Combatants' Puts Too Much Power in Government's Hands, Ignores Due Process
October 3, 2006