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January 23, 2008
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3 Released Guantanamo Detainees Arrive In Albania

Dow Jones International News
November 20, 2006

TIRANA (AP)--Three detainees released from the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have arrived in Albania, a spokesman for the Albanian government said Monday.

Albania said Saturday it would take in three detainees - an Algerian, an Egyptian and an ethnic Uzbek who was born in the former Soviet Union - after U.S. authorities determined they were no longer "enemy combatants."

"They have arrived in Albania but I don't know more details," government spokesman Neritan Sejamini told the Associated Press.

Interior Ministry press office officials and those in charge of the refugee department were not available to comment on the whereabouts of the three or how they arrived in the country.

However, they are believed to be at a refugee center in the Tirana suburbs, the same place where another group of former terror suspects from GuantanamoBay were sent last May.

The three were the last of 38 detainees to be released after a U.S. combatant status review determined they were no longer enemy combatants.

It took months for the U.S. State Department to find countries that would accept them, and in the meantime they were held separately at one of six camps at the Guantanamo compound. That camp will now be closed, Pentagon officials said.

In July, Albania granted asylum to five Chinese Muslims, or Uighurs, released from the U.S. prison in May. The five went to Albania after U.S. authorities said they posed no terrorist threat to the U.S. but might face persecution if returned to China.

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